sharonah rapseik Holistic Esthetician & Aromatherapist

Sharonah Rapseik is both a psychic / intuitive reader and a N.Y.S. licensed esthetician offering holistic facials using the violet ray or tesla coil developed by Nicola Tesla and referred to by Edgar Cayce in many of his readings

Sharonah comes to the Edgar Cayce Center of NYC by the way of a 30 years plus career in the fashion and beauty professions including working as an esthetician and make-up artist for film, TV, and fashion. She is the founder of  SPA Holistica a boutique holistic skin care spa in New York City.

A third generation psychic and lifetime student of metaphysics, Sharonah Rapseik is a intuitive tarot reader and Law of Attraction coach who uses tarot cards, the pendulum, and essential oils to answer her clients questions on relationships, romance, health career, life purpose and more.

Sharonah Rapseik is a board certified holistic health coach, licensed esthetician, certified aromatherapy specialist, ordained minister, intuitive reader, artist/designer, and Reiki master. She is a graduate of The Tarot School, Drexel University, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and Clayton College. Her Ph.D doctoral dissertation was entitled “Holistic Versus Conventional Skin Care”.

Read more about Sharonah's services as a tarot reader and psychic and intuitive reader here.

Aromatherapy and Holistic Facial Services

Drawing upon the healing power of nature and the Edgar Cayce remedies; Sharonah assists the body’s and skin’s own innate healing ability to balance and rejuvenate itself in perfect healing harmony. A former fashion designer and makeup artist for fashion, film, and TV, Sharonah is a licensed N.Y.S. Esthetician and the founder of a private holistic spa in New York City where she provides a full complement of services for body, mind, and spirit.

Violet Ray Facial …… 1 hour $125

For all skin types, including oily skins experiencing acne and dry skins experiencing the signs of aging, the heart of this treatment is the usage of the violet ray or tesla coil developed by Nicola Tesla and referred to by Edgar Cayce in his readings.

Violet Ray Facial with Deep Cleaning …. 2 hours $200

This treatment includes additional deep cleansing (pore extractions and soothing soothing clay mask) along with the Violet Ray Treatment. (All Violet Ray Facial Treatment services include a full consultation on “at home” protocols using Baar Products and other Edgar Cayce inspired remedies)

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