20170114 psychic fair sylvia chappell workshopBy Sylvia Chappell

At our January 14th Psychic Fair at the NYC Edgar Cayce Center, I did a live public Tarot Reading about 2017. Doing a live public reading is not something I do lightly—I never know what will come up, particularly in times of great uncertainty and upheaval as we’re going through now. Many visitors to our Center this year have expressed apprehension about the future.

The reading I did was in answer to the question, “What is the most important thing that Spirit/Source God would like for us to know about the coming year?”

I explained that this tarot reading would not show anything that was “fated” or “set in stone.” On the contrary, the tarot would show us the predominant energies and probabilities of the year. We always have the free will to choose how we respond to these energies and probabilities as they manifest in our lives. The vibratory rate of our response (high, low or in between) determines what events, situations and relationships we draw into our lives.

2017 tarot spread by sylvia chappell

As always, I first set my intent that I would be a clear, pure channel of guidance from the highest, holiest Source through my Higher Self for the highest and best good of all concerned—with Light to all, Love to all, Peace to all. Then, after asking the audience to add their vibrations to the deck, I shuffled the cards and was astounded as I dealt out this 5-card spread:

Why? First, because, of the 5 cards in this spread, all 5 were Major Arcana, the 22 archetypal cards in the deck of 78 cards, meaning that powerful spiritual forces are at work this year for all of us.

On top of that, they were all extraordinarily positive, heralding a year where we have incredible opportunities to expand and raise our consciousness… to create a “heaven on Earth” of harmony and unity in accord with spiritual law. We all have these archetypes within us, and we can choose to use these qualities and energies to transcend the duality of 3D materialism and polarity thinking, “us vs. them, good vs. bad, right vs. wrong.”

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By Joan Carra, psychic medium

edgarcayce BWI was at the new location of the Edgar Cayce Center of New York on the night of Saturday, Sept 17th when the bomb exploded on 23rd Street in midtown Manhattan—just four blocks away from our new Center on 27th Street. I had spent the afternoon volunteering my services as a psychic reader and was in “the zone” I get in when I do readings, working nonstop. My body was stiff from siting in one position, so I decided to take care of myself by going to the group healing session and Prophecy Celebration with Peter Goldbeck, a popular Center teacher known as “the Light Guy,” where he channels divine light—what he calls “joy juice.”

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sylvia chappell crp lowresSo many people in our community and beyond reached out to us after the bombing in our Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan last Saturday night. The explosion on 23rd St. happened four blocks away from our new Center, yet an unexploded bomb was found on the same block of 27th St. between 6th & 7th Avenues as our new Center.

We feel so blessed that this one didn’t go off. We also wondered why.

On Saturday, we held the first Cayce Psychic & Healing Fair in our new Center. Many people commented on the wonderful, uplifting vibes in our new space. After the Fair, “Light Guy” Peter Goldbeck, a favorite teacher at our Center, was holding his Prophecy Celebration at the time of the explosion. During these events, he shares “The Light” of Divine Prophetic Visions and Insights… what he calls “Joy Juice.” Perhaps the energies of Light and Joy in our Center had a benevolent influence on our block.

As an Akashic Records reader and leader of this Center, I asked the Akashic Record keepers (beings of Light who hold the records of each soul’s every thought, word, action and emotion) for insights into this incident. They said that the “Light work” of our organization is powerfully supported by Ascended Masters and the Edgar Cayce soul group in the spiritual realms. They added that all NYC “Light workers” (ours and similar organizations) have a very important role in the evolution of human consciousness and the enlightenment of individual minds, hearts and bodies that makes this evolutionary leap (Ascension) possible.

Please keep our Center of enlightenment and our community of “Light workers” in your prayers.

Love & Thanks,
Sylvia Chappell
ARE-NY Board of Trustees Chair

OpenDoorNewsletter Jul Sept2016This is it! We’re making the leap to our new space! Read about it in the new issue of The Open Door, quarterly newsletter of the A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center.

This issue is packed with helpful, healthful articles! Besides the joys, challenges and spiritual growth opportunities involved in finding our new space and making our evolutionary leap, you’ll also read about:

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  • The healing power of Wild Oregano Oil—not just for Italian cooking anymore!
  • The Christ Consciousness—What is it? How do you attain it?
  • Helping your Indigo Child to thrive.
  • Chakra Frequencies and the Divine Name: The healing Power of Breath and Tone
  • And so much more!

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