You Are Invited:

Initial Meeting to Launch A.R.E. of NY’s First Online A Search for God Group
with Charles Davidson, facilitator

Tuesday, October 23, 7 – 8:30 pm FREE.

Join us online to meet like-minded seekers, learn more about the A Search for God group program, have your questions answered and confirm a date for our first official ASFG meeting.

A Search for God groups have transformed thousands of lives.

Charles Davidson writes: In 1931, a group of individuals around Edgar Cayce asked for readings on how to develop psychic abilities to expand the Cayce work. Cayce, the man, agreed to give the reading==but the Source that spoke through Cayce said that those requesting the reading needed to learn and grow spiritually and apply what they were learning in their lives. Psychic unfoldment, the Source said, would be a consequence of their spiritual growth. And their growth would empower others to also grow in their relationship with the Creative Forces.

These became known as the A Search for God readings. Guided by the Cayce Source, this first group transformed the readings into a set of lessons in two books—over a period of eleven years!

ASFG groups provide a step-by-step graceful path to spiritual awareness through a small group weekly meeting Group members learn to work with universal laws as they experiment with applying the ideas in the readings in daily life.

If you’re interested in growing gracefully into Oneness and improving your life and relationships, join us for this initial meeting and learn more about how an A Search for God group can change your life.

To attend this online meeting, please RSVP to me, Charles Davidson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by October 16th.

I’ll get back to you with information about how to log in for this online gathering.

The initial meeting and weekly group meetings will use the free video conferencing app Google Hangouts. Your internet-connected device needs a microphone and a video camera. Smartphones all have this and so do newer PCs and Apple devices. If you don’t have Hangouts on your device, I’ll send you information about how to download, setup and use it. But please contact me by October 16th!

(if you want to join a group but can’t make the informational meeting, e-mail me anyway! We may start several groups.)

charles davidsonCharles Davidson has been starting and assisting A Search for God groups for four decades.

A Life Member of the national A.R.E., Charles served as Regional Representative for the A.R.E. in NYC and NJ and is currently a behind-the-scenes Volunteer for A.R.E. of NY, serving on our Membership Services Team.

Charles has many years of experience both with the Edgar Cayce readings and philosophy—and with computer applications. As group facilitator, he brings all of that background to assist in creating an enlightening online group experience.

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