go digital green campaign adOne of the first tasks of our new Center Directing Team (Al DeMarco, Peter Goldbeck and Lin Hunter) is cutting down operating costs wherever we can. One of our large expenses is printing and mailing 3,500 hard copy Event Calendars.

If you're receiving this e-blast, you also receive a link to each new Event Calendar as soon as it's online. The current calendar is available for viewing or download from our website here. You can conveniently peruse this digital Calendar on your desktop and register for events online on our website. 

Yes, we know some of you really want the hard copy Event Calendar. 

But if the digital Event Calendar works for you—if you DON'T need the print version—please let us know and help us save funds and trees!

If you've already subscribed to the digital catalog only through our email list, you don’t need to take any action. If you are currently receiving a print calendar and would like to convert to digital only, please click here.

Along with our e-catalog drive, we'll be re-designing our hard copy Event Calendar format to reduce printing and mailing costs.

Thank you for helping us in our drive to cut operating expenses at the New York Edgar Cayce Center.

With Gratitude,

The Directing Team

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