Tai-Chi for Dynamic Health and Inner Transformation with Julio Cortes

Tai-Chi for Dynamic Health and Inner Transformation with Julio Cortes

July 26, 2017 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center, New York

T'ai-chi ch'uan, also known as Supreme Ultimate Boxing, is a Chinese martial art that is over three hundred fifty years old. When things were different and fighting was a real consideration in China, it was considered one of the nation's premiere martial art forms, due to its simple, effective, and powerful movements and practices.

That being said, it is also a very complex form of neigong, or internal energy cultivation exercise that increases concentration, flexibility and vitality. As this amazing art became popular, its health benefits became better known and its martial focus became de-emphasized. Now it is practiced almost exclusively as a path to health. It has been even used clinically by medical practitioners in China as a form of treatment for chronic ailments (arthritis, asthmas, skin conditions, chronic fatigue) and serious diseases (cancers, organ dysfunctions, Alzheimer's, etc.), with some amazing results.

In this class, traditional T'ai Chi Ch'uan forms will be taught, including the martial, philosophical and neigong aspects. Students will learn how to stand, breathe and move as efficiently as possible. In addition, they will learn effective techniques for defending themselves against the three dangers of life (age, illness and stress) while learning ways to strengthening the body and mind. In the process they will gain a greater awareness of themselves and learn how to relax the mind and calm the emotions, with an eye on being able to flow better with and enjoy life. Space is limited for this class, therefore preregistration is a must.

julio cortesJulio Cortes is a movement teacher with over 30 years martial and movement arts experience who helps his students develop greater strength, suppleness, coordination and balance for better range of motion and grace in movement. Trained in gymnastics, dance, yoga and more than 12 different martial arts, Julio teaches his students how to move powerfully/authentically while helping them find balance in body and life. He also teaches them how to heal injuries, reduce pain and protect themselves from getting injured again. By helping clients understand their energy, Julio helps his clients be more effective, productive and happier at work and home. His work assists clients in moving through their lives efficiently by using their core strength, aligning efforts and integrating conflicting aspects of self. His specialty is showing leaders how to save time and energy, get unstuck and reach goals/dreams they once thought were unattainable.

For more information, check www.mindandbody360.com
or contact Julio at (917-647-5511), julio@mindandbody360.com

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