CANCELLED: Intro to Archetypal Astrology Enriched by the Cayce Perspective with Monty Taylor

CANCELLED: Intro to Archetypal Astrology Enriched by the Cayce Perspective with Monty Taylor

April 27, 2017 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center, New York

April 27 class won't be meeting - a make-up class will be scheduled. Stay tuned.

5-Week Course: Thursdays, April 13, 20 & 27* (*to be rescheduled) and May 4 & 11: 6:30 - 9 pm

This five-week course will explore in depth the relationship between astrology and psychic phenomena through the legacy of such luminary historical figures as Edgar Cayce, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, George Gurdjief, and others. It will show the influence of astrological transits and discoveries that triggered the unleashing of psychic, psychological, and paranormal communication, which can ultimately lead to the evolution of our personal liberty and free will.

An astrological chart will be looked at much the way an X-ray or MRI displays things that are not visible on the surface level of everyday life. These new medical tools of the 20th century do not cause the hidden factors that lead to dysfunction; they merely reveal what was not obvious. We are then able to use our free will and discernment to discover and choose the course of action that leads to healing. This works on every level of our personal and collective reality.

All great thinkers have written about astrology. Edgar Cayce channeled information on the subject. Carl Jung used astrology in the development of his discoveries of the functioning of the human relationship between the conscious and the unconscious. Joseph Campbell even called the astrological chart "a mandala of consciousness." It is a map of potential that can help our evolution as individual souls. The definition of "disaster" means "to be without stars."

$360, Center Members save 15% = $306
UPDATE: Classes can now be taken individually, space permitting: $72 per class
Center Members save 15% = $61.20
Please preregister online or arrive early to pay at door.

CORRECTION: This course will NOT be recorded as originally planned. It is not necessary to sign a release.

1st Week (4/13) --Understanding the answers that lie within a horoscope
Anything that has a beginning has a natal chart, called a "horoscope." It literally means "picture of the hour"--the moment a person, company, country or anything is born. We will look at the basic components of the chart and learn the effective role that planets, signs, and houses play in revealing the chart's message. We will especially look at the chart as a map of the path of human growth from a physical, psychological, and spiritual perspective.

2nd Week (4/20) --The balancing act that leads to self-sovereignty
Planets and the signs they rule contain a wide range of vibration, which can be highly evolved and inspiring, or devolved and sluggish. This depends of the level of consciousness that views them. Here we will explore further the human concept of the "archetype" and the roles they play in our collective behavior. We will better understand the balance of left brain/right brain function in processing our own personal experiences. We will also focus on the power of symbol and how it must be balanced with the power of language.

3rd Week--The different world systems of astrology
The world's cultures have produced a multifaceted variety of astrological systems. They all say the same thing, but in different ways. Each historical culture has produced its own astrological approach to understanding universal consciousness. There is Western Astrology, based on the ancient Greek civilization, as well as Chinese astrology, Vedic (Joytish) astrology from India, Celtic astrology, Mayan astrology, Aztec astrology, and many others, including Horary astrology, Electional astrology, and even systems that explore the information contained in past lives from past incarnations.

4th Week--The astrology of relationships
All relationships begin with Self. The natal and progressed charts, the solar and lunar returns can give insight about the stage of life that an individual is experiencing. These charts can be combined and contrasted with the charts of other people, the country of residence, the current corporation for whom the individual is working, and all relationships ranging from family, ancestral, romantic, business, and casual friendships. Astrology can show us how the Divine works in our lives through other people. It also shows us our personal relationship to relationships in general.

5th Week--Developing personal awareness of the Life Stage we are in
There are many stages of astrological and personal development, which are revealed to us through different charts. If a person is 35 years old, that person has over 19 actual charts that are concurrently active. This does not create confusion. The different harmonics of a natal chart have a common theme and do not conflict, but they add depth of understanding. When we limit ourselves by addressing our questions only to the natal birth chart, we see only a partial picture. This limited perspective would be like putting our baby pictures on our driver licenses. The Cosmos is fluid, alive, and organic, not mechanical. The Future, in the words of Eckhart Tolle, is made up of a string of "Nows."

Correction: This course will NOT be recorded as originally planned. It is not necessary to sign a release.

monty taylorMontgomery 'Monty' Taylor is a prominent international astrologer based in New York City, formerly at ARAS division of the Jung Institute, known for customized personal readings. He incorporates a broad view of psyche and psychology, rooted in the archetypal symbolism introduced by Jung and Campbell. He now brings the Edgar Cayce readings as a reinforcement to transform modern astrology with this information that came forth almost 100 years ago, and the conviction that the world is now ready for Cayce's insight. Taylor is known for his lectures at the United Nations Enlightenment Society (UNSRC), and his international radio show on

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