4 Golden Wheels - Amazing Energy Practice of Qigong Healing with Dan Kowakofski

4 Golden Wheels - Amazing Energy Practice of Qigong Healing with Dan Kowakofski

April 21, 2017 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center, New York

We are interrupting our normal teaching program because of an extraordinary opportunity, first time at the Edgar Cayce Center, an evening with Qigong teacher and healer Dan Kowakofski who is Master Robert Peng's assistant.
Over the years, Dan learned Qigong healing techniques, forms and meditations directly from Master Robert Peng who learned himself from his Master, Xiao Yao, a legendary monk with remarkable healing gifts. (See book The Master Key)

During this highly experiential workshop, you'll get introduced to the art of Chinese Qigong through engaging exercises, mindful breath work, and gentle movement patterns to release the daily stresses and tensions, clear the mind, and revitalize the body. The central practice you'll learn is the 4 Golden Wheels exercise, one of the foundation Qigong practices of the Elixir Light Qigong system, intended to give you the following main benefits:

  • Toning and revitalizing of the body
  • Empowering the main energy centers with fresh Qi
  • Strengthening the connection between the physical body and the energy centers
  • Increasing the capacity to draw energy from the Universe

As the main energy centers become more balanced and harmonized, so does the quality of our life. Allow this wellspring of the internal life force of Qi fill your life and your heart with vibrant joy and happiness.

A copy of an eBook containing this form will be sent to all participants via email. Not to be missed!

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dan kowakofski

DAN KOWAKOFSKI has studied in Taoist and Buddhist qigong traditions for well over 10 years, and the Elixir Light Qigong since 2007 with its renowned founder Master Robert Peng, whom he assisted in workshops in NYC and at the Omega Institute. Dan provides healing services in Manhattan and has taught qigong classes and workshops at the Open Center, the Namaste Healing Center, the CRS and NYU. For more on Dan see www.nycHealer.com and www.nycQigong.com.

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