Ocean Oracle Webinar Presented by Michelle Hanson

Sunday, 23 Jun 2019 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Online Webinar Event (Using Zoom)
Intuitive & Healing Arts
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Join us for our very first online course!

Ocean Oracle: Presented by Ocean Oracle creator, Michelle Hanson

Date: Sunday, June 23, 2:00 - 3:30 pm Eastern Daylight Time
Online Webinar Event (Using Zoom)
Michelle is also offering Ocean Oracle Seashell Readings via email from June 1 to 23.

Learn to use seashells as an oracle for divination.

Edgar Cayce teaches that:

He who understands Nature walks close with God.”  (Reading 1904-2)

With that in mind, Michelle Hanson, author of Ocean Oracle and Ocean Wisdom, invites you to come discover the magic and wonder in the seashell kingdom. You will be amazed at the intelligence and compassion present in the animals that create and inhabit seashells. They are master teachers on a variety of topics.

In this interactive 2 and ½ hour online seminar, you will be able to witness these animals in their native habitats, probing into their unique behaviors and interactions with humans throughout history.

Edgar Cayce also tells us that the “Mind is the Builder.” When you create your reality from the thoughts in your mind, subconscious beliefs impact your life without your awareness. We will explore how the shells provide a means to probe inside your subconscious and allow the inner self to communicate information for your highest good. You will come away with many soul-searching revelations that may just turn your world upside down-- but that will prove to be extremely enlightening.

Once you discover any limiting beliefs, you have the opportunity to change them.  And, as Cayce teaches, building from new beliefs will empower you to reshape your future.

Please keep a pen and paper handy during the class to note down revelations from the images of the seashell partners.

“Michelle Hanson has opened up a whole new world of crystal exploration courtesy of her lifelong work with her seashell partners. Constructed by mollusks from protein secretions embedded with Calcite and Aragonite, seashells are crystal bridges uniting the animal and mineral kingdoms. Attuning to seashells links the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and their high vibrational energy facilitates communication with other realms. Working with seashells provides the opportunity to restore balance to all aspects of our lives enabling us to reshape the future. They connect us to our divine essence, our etheric DNA, offering a blueprint to edit and restructure our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies toward increased perfection and ascension. As energy tools connecting with our chakras, they mirror our spiritual evolution, guiding us to heal and transform ourselves and ultimately, our planet. Throughout history, seashells have been valued aesthetically. Now is the time to appreciate them as valuable members of the crystal family, and powerful collaborators. I highly recommend exploring the seashell kingdom through Michelle’s books and classes.”

Robert Simmons, author of Stones of The New Consciousness, co-author of The Book of Stones

michelle hansonAfter registration, you will receive details for accessing the webinar in your email. Please open your email and click on the link provided at the time of the webinar.

Michelle (Shelley) Hanson has conducted sea shell divination and oracle card readings for thirty years, in addition to authoring her two books on the subject. During the past eight years, she has taught hundreds of students through her popular online courses, devoted to personal growth using seashells as divination and energy tools.

Meet and Listen to the Oracles of the Ocean in this meditation video

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