An Introduction to Ocean Oracle: Decoding The Language of The Seashell Kingdom with Patricia Calandra

Sunday, 13 Jan 2019 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
3929 Studios, 39 W. 29th Street, New York, NY
Intuitive & Healing Arts
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“He who understands nature walks close with God.”

— Edgar Cayce reading 1904-2:

From childhood, most of us are drawn to the whisperings of the ocean and captivated by the shapes and colors of its many treasures. Remember listening to the shells as a child? Instinct was telling you they had something to say. Through conchomancy, the art of divination using seashells, you can listen again and understand the deeper wisdom that the shells reveal.

Seashells, embedded with calcite an aragonite, are actually crystal bridges that unite the animal and mineral kingdoms. These natural works of art, and the animals that create them, possess tremendous diversity in their anatomy, behavior and interaction with humankind. Their unique attributes contribute to the language from the seashell kingdom. Decoding this language offers master teachings and transformational insights, and enables us to speak through our subconscious, allowing our inner self to communicate the information it considers most valuable for our growth.

By listening to the shells with the guidance of Ocean Oracle, you can learn to understand this secret language and tap into your own innate wisdom and joy.

Please bring a pad and pen for taking notes.

About Patricia Calandra

pat calandraPat is an Interfaith Minister, medium, and Reiki Master who uses her knowledge to help guide and advise others on this journey we call Life.

She has studied metaphysical science from a young age, and has a broad understanding and education in various techniques and disciplines. She has studied with International mediums Robert Brown, John Edward and James Van Pragg, and is certified in angel card reading by Charles Virtue, the son of Doreen Virtue.

Pat's greatest joy is helping others find the light and live their souls true purpose.​ She is able to connect with loved ones who have crossed over, as well as work with the Angelic realm to give guidance and comfort. 

Pat works with seashells to help clients understand messages and guidance from their Higher Self, and is certified in Conchomancy through Level II by Michelle Hanson, creator and author of Ocean Oracle.

Testimonials for Ocean Oracle

Testimonial from Robert Simmons, author of Stones of the New Consciousness:
Michelle Hanson has opened up a whole new world of crystal exploration courtesy of her lifelong work with her seashell partners. Constructed by mollusks from protein secretions embedded with Calcite and Aragonite, seashells are crystal bridges uniting the animal and mineral kingdoms.  Attuning to seashells links the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and their high vibrational energy facilitates communication with other realms. Working with seashells provides the opportunity to restore balance to all aspects of our lives enabling us to reshape the future. They connect us to our divine essence, our etheric DNA, offering a blueprint to edit and restructure our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies toward increased perfection and ascension. As energy tools connecting with our chakras, they mirror our spiritual evolution, guiding us to heal and transform ourselves, and ultimately, our planet. Throughout history, seashells have been valued esthetically. Now is the time to appreciate them as valuable members of the crystal family, and powerful collaborators eager to assist us in navigating through life.  I highly recommend exploring the seashell kingdom through Michelle’s books and classes.

Testimonial from Raymond Buckland:
Conchomancy is the art of divination using seashells. Most books on the subject follow the traditional diloggunform which utilizes cowry shells, associated with the Afro-Cuban religion of Santeria and tied-in to worship of the Orishas. But in Ocean Oracle, Michelle “Shelley” Ziff Hanson opens up conchomancy to a whole new dimension. Rather than adopting and adapting the old cowry divination, she draws upon an army of two hundred different shells and has devised an entirely new system based on their four major characteristics. This is a whole new world, rich in oracular language that is accurate, scientific, and downright fascinating!

All two hundred shells are detailed, with picture, description, meaning and explanation. The four overview plates make it relatively easy to tell one shell from another and to find the appropriate associations. But the test of a divination system is its accuracy. The Ocean Oracle easily passes the test. I expect to see it being used a great deal by Readers across the country.

Raymond Buckland
The Fortunetelling Book
Buckland Romani Tarot
Cards of Alchemy

From One Spirit Book Club:
“A beautiful, unique toolkit to decode the wisdom of the deep...the Ocean Oracle…puts the wisdom of the sea within your reach and translates its timeless language…one of the most unusual—and unusually revealing—divination tools we’ve seen.”

From Dr. Christiane Northrup:
“I’ve been drawn to sea shells since I was a young child so I was delighted to see their considerable wisdom recognized and made accessible for everyone in Ocean Oracle.”

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