OpenDoor-Jul-Sept2014The 17th Anniversary issue of The Open Door, quarterly newsletter of A.R.E. of NY is here!

Vision and Prophecy emerged as a theme in this issue:

  • Anniversary 17! Creating the Center of Our Dreams -- Visioning and planning for the future of our Center...Your inspirations welcome!
  • A Sacred Connection to Source – Psychic & healer Melissa Stamps shares how images she sees before an appointment can be life-changing... 
  • Douglas Cottrell on Earth Changes – This is a troubling vision and we welcome your comments, discussion and alternate visions.
  • In My River of Time: Two Sojourns in Atlantis, Linda Sugrue Mellor shares her vision of the breaking up of Atlantis and the lessons learned…
  • And in A Gift from the Storm, Nick Brancaccio tells how another act of God – Hurricane Sandy – brought light to his life.
  • And more…

We hope you enjoy The Open Door and, as always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Light & Blessings,

Lynne Salomon Miceli
Acting Open Door Editor


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