OpenDoorNewsletter Oct Dec2017The Fall issue of The Open Door (TOD) is here—to take you through this holiday season of Mystery, Harvest, Thanksgiving and Light.

Read it now for these great stories:

  • Building for the Next 20 Years: We’ve just celebrated our Center’s 20th Anniversary—What Next?
  • A Strange but True Ghost Story. Randi Ross visited a retail store that offered deep discounts, expecting to find great clothes and shoes—not a disgruntled, disembodied spirit…
  • A Course in Gun Safety Triggers Civil War Memories. Linda Mellor discovers practical skills and life lessons learned from a Civil War sojourn.
  • Our New Feature on Sacred Spaces: Find havens of peace for meditation, contemplation—or just quiet rest—amid the noise and bustle of our City.
  • The first New York Edgar Cayce Center: Why it Closed; How it Was Reborn.
  • And much more!

TOD is the quarterly newsletter of the New York Edgar Cayce Center.

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