prayersforhealing2Are you looking for a better way? Spiritual Growth Groups are small groups inspired by the Cayce readings or like teachings—that welcome spiritual seekers from all walks of life. Whatever your background, meeting and sharing your path with others is a well-proven way to grow in awareness and application of spiritual principles--providing fellowship and support for you as you walk your spiritual path.


Dream Study GroupDream Study Group

Facilitator: Paul Dorogoff

Muhlenberg Public Library
209 W. 23rd Street, 3rd floor Manhattan

Using concepts from the Cayce readings, participants share dream material in a supportive group format, encouraging self-examination and interpretation of dreams and dream symbolism as a way of emotional and spiritual growth.

Bring a dream to share or just come to listen and help interpret others' dreams!! All are welcome. Please be on time or a little early!    Free. Donations gladly accepted.


The Prayers for Healing Group members practice healing prayer, meditate and study materials relating to healing.  The group is currently meeting in a venue that can accommodate a limited number of participants. We hope to move to a larger venue and announce the location soon! Healiing prayer is free and offered to all. Call 212-691-7690 to be placed on the prayer list or to request to participate and receive the laying-on-of-hands.

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