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IAC offers expert training in mastering your personal energies, extrasensory perception, and the out-of-body experience—a powerful tool for self-transformation, self-discovery and wellness.

The International Academy of Consciousness is a non-profit research and education organization with a presence in 9 countries and 13 cities, as well as a research campus in Portugal.

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The Consciousness Development Program (CDP) Modules 1-4

If you want to take a deep dive into topics such as out-of-body experience, bioenergy, and associated paranormal phenomena, then the CDP presents the most comprehensive, transformative body of information that you are likely to find anywhere. The Consciousness Development Programme (CDP), recipient of the Kindred Spirit Magazine’s Life Transformation Award, is IAC’s main curricular course and is delivered in four modules over forty hours. The course is designed to gradually introduce subjects such as energies, paranormal phenomena, the cycle of successive lives, and altered states of consciousness. It is interactive, and students are encouraged to raise questions regarding subjects that interest them. Read more by clicking on the date of the events.

All 4 weekends prepaid: Save $65!

Whole CDP Program prepaid: $535 - Register here
(You can register for all 4 CDP modules when signing up for the first module!)
Whole CDP Program prepaid -- IAC & Edgar Cayce members: $495 - Register here

Register for Individual Modules

Register for each CDP Module: $150
IAC & Edgar Cayce members: $140

CDP Module 1: February 3 & 4, 1-6:30 pm

CDP Module 2: March 3 & 4, 1-6:30 pm

CDP Module 3: April 7 & 8, 1–6:30 pm

CDP Module 4: April 21 & 22, 1-6:30 pm

Space is limited! Register early.

The Bioenergy Workout -- Psychic Self-Defense and Energetic Sensitivity Intensive with Martin Azambuya

The Bioenergy Workout is a fun yet informative 3-hour practical workshop during which students perform a series of diverse bioenergetic (chi, prana) exercises. Mastering our personal energies is one of the keys to maintaining equilibrium, becoming more self-aware, identifying and overcoming emotional imbalances, maintaining psychic self-defense, unlocking our potential, and developing our psychism. Read more by clicking on the date of the events.

Sunday, Jan 14, 1-4 pm

Sunday, March 24, 1-4 pm

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