201511 mark anthony eventMark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer ® presented Evidence of Eternity, Healing Grief Through Spirit Contact at A.R.E. of NY for the first time on December 5th, 2015.

In the audience was Joann Soto, an A.R.E. NY Volunteer. Mark Anthony knew nothing of Joann’s history but he had a message for her.

joann soto“The reading Mark gave me...was phenomenal.” Joann wrote about this event. “He was extremely specific and on point with details. The reading gave me confirmation that my son is forever communicating with me. He even confirmed that my son was happy that I've decided to ‘live my life,’ a decision I made last month for my birthday. Tears.” No-one on the Earth plane knew of this deci- sion Joann had come to after five years of mourning the worst kind of loss.

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Don't miss this exceptional event with Dr. June Bro on Friday, March 18th - Edgar Cayce's 139th Birthday. At ninety years old, June is the oldest living person to have worked on a daily basis with Edgar Cayce. Celebrate with first hand stories of the Sleeping Prophet. This promises to be a truly inspirational event.

June's column for A.R.E.’s Venture Inward Magazine, “The Art of Living” is based on her life reading given by Mr. Cayce in 1944. She also wrote the foreword to the recently re-released book A Seer Out of Season, written by her late husband Dr. Harmon Hartzell Bro and available now in the A.R.E. Bookstore. Her first piano CD called “Soul Soundings” will be available at the event. Please join us!

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By Lynne Salomon Miceli

charles thomas and lynne miceliOne evening in 1997, shortly before the Grand Opening of the resurrected A.R.E. of NY Center, stands out in my memory….

The  alarm  clock  buzzed. I was nowhere near ready to wake up. I had gotten home from  a  stressful workday as a Special Ed teacher and “crashed” for about an hour—but now it was time to head downtown to 150 W. 28th Street, where our new Center was in the process of being born on the 10th floor. There was so much to do!

After nine years of preparation—meditation for guidance, passionate prayer, community  building, lobbying for permission from A.R.E. HQ, filing incorporation papers, fundraising, more fundraising, developing a business plan, searching for the right space,  negotiating with the landlord—we had at last signed a lease on our new Center. Then the work really started.

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sylvia chappell crp lowresBy Sylvia Chappell, ARE-NY Board Chair

New leadership was recently elected for the A.R.E. of NY Board and Edgar Cayce Center. Sylvia Chappell shares a fresh Ideal of leadership and the Board’s Vision for our Center. Last July, our Board of Trustees held a visioning exercise led by Maureen St. Germain, Board colleague and noted author and teacher of manifestation. It was the most fun we’d had in a Board meeting since I joined the Board in 2011. This powerful exercise inspired us to transcend our old limitations of three-dimensional and linear thinking to reach a new level of creativity.

We sought to build on all the things we all love about the Center and to improve the things we can do better. Our survey of the members provided input from our community to help guide us—first in the spiritual and mental realms, then into the material.

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malcolm smith and dogDuring Malcolm's March 2015 visit to our Center, Sylvia Chappell was volunteering at the Reception Desk when a fireman, Steve Sietos, came in for his appointment. He was carrying a sick, injured dog draped around his shoulders. While they were waiting to see Malcolm, she asked him about the dog’s bandaged leg. He explained that this dog, Wilma, had been purposely bred for dogfighting with weak legs that were prone to injury. Sylvia was touched that this sweet, affectionate dog had found someone who cared enough about her to seek out healing from Malcolm.

The next day, Helen Mawn, one of our key Reception volunteers, got a call from Steve who shared wonderful news with her: After the treatment with Malcolm, he took Wilma back to the fire station, where they encountered a dog that was going to be put down because of a serious spine problem. It seems that the healing energy from Malcolm was so powerful that it was transferred to the sick dog at the station. Later that night, Steve was thrilled to hear that the sick dog was no longer sick, or needed to be put down. Instead, he was well and able to run around the fire station.

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malcolmsmithIn March, we received a request from Paul Dresser, a member of the A.R.E. community in Mississippi, for healing appointments with Malcolm, including a distant healing for his sister-in-law Cindy in Alabama, who had been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Originally, Paul and his wife had planned to bring Cindy to New York for an appointment in person, yet the gravity of her diagnosis led him to seek out immediate help from Malcolm, who was at home in Yorkshire, England.

Here's what Paul wrote on March 14th about his sister-in-law's condition:

Cindy had had stomach pain for about a year and thought it was ulcers due to her stress over the past year— moving and building a new house. She finally went to the doctor about six weeks ago, and then to a cancer center in Birmingham, Alabama, about four weeks ago. They told her she had Stage 4 cancer… a cancer mass around her pancreas which went into the surrounding blood vessels. It had spread to the liver and was in her blood. They said she had about one month to live and gave her a prescription for morphine. After reading Malcolm Smith's book and going to his website, she had hope for the first time. I contacted the ARE-NYC [Malcolm's first stop in the USA] to make an appointment for a distant healing for her. I [gave] Malcolm her name, location, and diagnosis…. and he said he would do the distant healing over the next few days.

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