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Program begins June 2-3-4 and continues monthly through October, exclusively at the NYC Edgar Cayce Center.

5 three-day weekends from 10 am-6 pm Fri-Sat-Sun: June 2-3-4, July 28-29-30, Aug 11-12-13, Sept 1-2-3, Oct 27-28-29

bioenergy healing certificationThis unique, comprehensive Bioenergy Healing method offered for the first time is a synthesis of more than a dozen Bioenergetic Healing Methods from China, Tibet, Japan, Russia, Eastern Europe, United States, Philippines, Brazil and Africa that Anton learned and practiced over 17 years with various Masters and Traditions, as well as the Edgar Cayce readings.

Its purpose is to effectively improve a client’s health in the shortest possible time with lasting, measurable effects using energetic modalities on and off the body.

Successful completion of this program will empower you as a Bioenergy Healer Certified by the Edgar Cayce Center of NYC and to open your own practice. Prior experience is helpful, but not needed. The only prerequisites are a deep love for humanity and the willingness to do the work.

Program will be taught on 5 three-day weekends (10 am-6 pm Fri-Sat-Sun) -- June 2-3-4, July 28-29-30, Aug 11-12-13, Sept 1-2-3, Oct 27-28-29 -- for a total of 15 days of theory and hands-on practice with self-development assignments during and between classes, followed by a final assessment for Certification.

This intensive training prepares you to be an efficient and proficient Bioenergy Healer, improving client health in a short time. Your natural healing abilities will come to the fore through exercise and empowerments. By the end of this course, you will be able to conduct healing sessions with measurable positive effects in a majority of situations.register for program bttn green

In this program, Anton will cover:

  • The history of methods, healers and schools; comparative effective techniques from various traditions
  • Mind attitude, protection and hygiene for Body, Soul and Spirit
  • The Ethics of Touch, why work on and off the body
  • Energetic anatomy for the physical body, energetic body, soul and spirit; organs, systems and interactions; energetic signatures, channels and meridians, the Chakra System; and how to work with subtle causal bodies, karma and reincarnation
  • Bioenergetic basic and advanced hand positions and procedures
  • How to perform a Bioenergetic scanning (reading) and develop your “third eye” abilities, then how to correlate resulting information with medical diagnosis, the teachings of Edgar Cayce and other Masters
  • Specific energy work for pain relief, alleviation of chronic conditions and speeding up recovery after surgery or incidents, sclerosis and inflammation
  • Working with cancer clients
  • Working in groups, long distance and energetic “surgery”
  • Exercising and enhancing energetic transference capacity, during and after course completion for maximized effects (specific qigong, meditations and prayers)
  • Originating and maintaining client intake forms, opening and conducting business
  • Working in conjunction with medical professionals and other therapists (integrative)

Assessment for Certification will be a one-on-one session with Anton in person or over Skype. Students will also submit material to demonstrate their ability to improve the health of 12 clients; create intake forms and follow-up charts; and obtain written references. Attendance of all classes is required for certification. Make up, one-on-one sessions with Anton will be available at an extra cost.

About the Teacher

Anton Baraschi 2Anton Baraschi is a bioenergy specialist, teaching and practicing bioenergy healing (aka medical qigong) in Manhattan, with a focus on integrating multiple bioenergy healing modalities in supporting the work of medical professionals. Bioenergy healing stimulates a person’s own immune system with emphasis on the condition diagnosed by the doctor. Bioenergy healing is considered helpful in alleviating pain, chronic conditions and symptoms without a particular diagnosis, and for spiritual development.


Bruyere Energetic Chelation (Practioner), Wierkus Method (Practitioner Level 2), Davitashvili Method, Nedelcu Method, Domancic Method (Practitioner Level 2), Reiki (Master), Energy through the Nervous System (Practitioner), Ancient Tibetan Healing (Tse Dup Yang Bod- completion of 5-year course Certification as Lopon or Teacher w/Chongtul Rinpoche), Advanced Pranic Healing (Practitioner) and Pranic Psychotherapy (Practitioner) w/Master Glen Mendoza MD, Master Robert Peng's Qigong Healing method (Certification). Anton has Special Abilities (Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Conscious Mediumship) and has interacted repeatedly w/John of God, Rev. Ron Roth, Rev. Alex Orbito, Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere and Spiritist Centers. Anton is an Ordained Interfaith Minister in the Universal Life Church of Seattle, WA.


“Anton’s integration of multiple healing traditions places him at the forefront of the Energy Medicine Movement. It is a privilege to know and recommend him.”

—Frank T. Salvatore MD, Skyland Urology Group, Sparta, NJ

“Anton Baraschi is a warm, insightful, sensitive healer of extraordinary talent and dedication."

—Nancy Reuben MD, Purchase College Health Service, Purchase, NY

“Anton is a gifted medium and healer with a profound dedication to his work.  His abilities for non-local healing at a distance are unusually good. He also has many wonderful things to offer as a teacher and spiritual guide. Recommended highly!”

—Emma Bragdon, PhD, Director, Foundation for Energy Therapies, Woodstock, VT

“Anton has been a reliable source of information and inspiration. The breadth and depth of his healing and spiritual knowledge is impressive. He is able to apply these in a warm, compassionate, and sometimes humorous fashion. His methods are gentle and kind without being dogmatic. I find him to be a genuine, concerned healer. I have benefited greatly in my relationship with him and it has allowed me to become a better healer as well.”

—Richard G. Kibbey, III M.D., Urologist, Amarillo, TX.

For Course Descriptions
About The Teacher
For Tuition and Installment Plans information

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