Maria FerrarMaria Gutierrez resigned as Operations Manager, effective Nov. 16, in order to have more time to focus on her mother’s health and her own. Having seen her struggling to keep up with work, family and personal demands, our hearts go out to her and we wish her the best. Please keep Maria’s mother Gladys in your healing prayers, too.

We are very sad to see her leave the pivotal position she’s held for over a year, after initially serving as our marketing and social media whiz and fairs coordinator, then taking on the huge responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the Center. She’s done a wonderful job of raising the profile of, and participation in, our holistic Center, and “raising the bar” for the quality of service we provide to those who come to our beloved Center. Fortunately, she’s generously volunteered to continue to handle our social media and networking. We are grateful beyond measure to her, and to the staff and volunteers who have made this expansion possible.

Samaya Lin, who briefly stepped into the role of Volunteer Coordinator is stepping away to focus on her own healing work. She continues to facilitate the Center’s Johrei Healing Group and her weekly Kundalini Yoga class.

With these departures, the Board is looking at reconfiguring the responsibilities for day-to-day running of the Center, gathering feedback from our volunteers and staff about how to improve. In the meantime, please keep the Center in your prayers—and in your end-of-year giving plans—to provide the resources needed for Edgar Cayce’s home in NYC to go from survive… to thrive.

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