sydney francisAt our June 13th Board meeting, Sydney Francis was elected to a 3-year term. She’s been a seeker from childhood who has explored several religions and spiritual traditions, and now sees the personal connection to God as paramount. She brings impressive credentials and experience to our Board as a lawyer, business owner, abundance raiser and Board member for other non-profits, seeing herself as a “compassionate doer.”

As a Board member Sydney seeks “to bring the Cayce message up to date… [to explain] why it is relevant today.” She wants to help the Center get new people to participate and contribute. “I also see myself being one who is cheerleading and helping people to achieve their highest and best possible.” Sydney has already made valuable contributions donating readings at our monthly Psychic Fairs.At this point in her life Sydney celebrates a visceral knowledge of and reverence for all things magical and of Divine Spirit.  The adventures that have caused her path to veer one way or another have given her first hand knowledge that the amazing exists just beyond the veil. A rational and well educated woman, circumstances have nonetheless forced upon her the understanding that mankind lives on the precipice of existence; if open, human beings can routinely experience wonders beyond our imaginings.

Please join us in welcoming Sydney to our Board!

Thank you, Harrison Klein. Harrison resigned from our Board mid-June. We are grateful to him for 9 months of service, particularly for his insights and guidance in manifesting abundance for our Center.

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More About Sidney Francis

Growing up in Brooklyn she attended parochial school and later Catholic High School in Queens.  Her best friend’s mother introduced her to Buddhism, which she studied and practiced for a while.  In later years the man who would eventually become her husband introduced her to Islam which she studied and practiced for a time until the practical application of the religion clashed with her personal beliefs as a woman.

As an undergraduate at Wesleyan University, Sydney participated in a study abroad program at the University of Legon in Ghana.  There she was made a potential victim to amazingly life threatening circumstances which caused her to witness, first hand, the work of a JuJu or spirit practitioner.  This primal yet loving soul literally saved her from two grizzly and potentially lethal animal attacks.  This experience called into question all she thought she knew.  

Sydney graduated from Temple University School of Law.  Soon thereafter she became a junior partner in Gracia, Francis & Associates, one of the first women and minority owned business affairs management companies in the entertainment industry.  Eventually, she was promoted to  Executive Vice President in charge of global affairs for the firm’s clients, managed the second office in Miami Florida as many of their Latino clients did business in south and central America and the Caribbean and traveled the world regularly on business for the firm.

During this time Sydney began meditating as part of her daily centeredness regimen.  This ushered forth a series of amazing, sometimes off putting and frightening but always magical, moments.  At one point during the course of her meditation, she began channeling, and was introduced to a group of what she refers to as her “Guides” from other planets in other galaxies.  This large and varied group of being from whom she has received life altering messages for the past 30 years, has resolutely confirmed for her that there is indeed vibrant life from other planets, and communication has, and is, occurring regularly with many on our planet, whether it is made common knowledge  or not.

Over the course of the many communications, Sydney channeled the contents of her first book STEPS TO ASCENSION. She continually experiences moments of incredible timing, profound synchronicity and wondrous movement.  She is a person of faith consciously free of any specific religious affiliation.  She devotes her heart to the love of and respect for the One and All Infinite Creator and practices that love daily through her communion with Spirit through meditation and her love of and attention to the needs of her fellow human beings. Sydney lives in New York City with her family; she has one child.

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