edgarcayceEdgar Cayce (1877 -1945) was an American mystic and psychic who gave over 14,000 readings on topics ranging from meditation to curing baldness, and from perpetual motion devices to Ancient Egypt.

The national Association for Research and Enlightenment, based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is a non-profit organization that shares the wisdom from the Cayce readings with members and seekers in a variety of ways.

New York City has been home to a strong “Edgar Cayce Community” since Cayce’s lifetime. Edgar Cayce himself visited NYC often and gave a number of readings here.

While we don’t currently maintain a bricks-and-mortar A.R.E. Center in NYC, our Community is vital and active—thanks to the dedicated efforts of our Volunteers. Inspired by Edgar Cayce’s life and readings, we work to create events and activities that will assist you to:

  • Connect with your inner guidance
  • Heal on many levels
  • Evolve to your highest potential
  • Find peace in an unpredictable world
  • Grow in your understanding of yourself as a spiritual being in relationship with other spiritual beings and with your Creator

We share the invaluable wisdom from the Edgar Cayce readings and other compatible sources, through programs, courses, in-person and online study groups and fellowship events.

Our ideal and purpose is To Manifest the Love of God in Service to Humanity.

We are a non-profit organization run almost entirely by Volunteers and supported largely by tax-deductible contributions from our Community.

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