certification program logoThe Edgar Cayce Center now offers certification programs in holistic, intuitive and psychic development. Courses are typically taught in modules over 1 year duration. Successful candidates will obtain certification in psychic and intuitive ability from the Edgar Cayce Center.

Psychic & Intuitive Development Certification Program

psychic intuitive development programOur new Psychic & Intuitive Development Certification Program is a great and holistic way to develop your psychic abilities, benefit from of practice opportunities on student reading nights, and obtain certification from the Edgar Cayce Center.

We start with the basics of psychic awareness, connecting with the power of your soul, and flexing your psychic faculties. We then focus on different aspects of development, from using various psychic and divination tools to unfolding the different "clairs" (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance). In this way, you can develop your unique form of psychic expression and give voice to the power of your soul.

Classes are fun and interactive, allowing your psychic faculties to unfold naturally while you forge new friendships with like-minded people. They are suitable for beginners to more advanced students, as each course builds on the previous so that you are guided along at a pace that supports each stage of your development.

The course comprises five taught courses and two self-study periods over the course of a year. To obtain certification, the students must attend the five taught modules (90% attendance), provide logs with evidence of the two self-study periods, and pass a final assessment. There will be multiple opportunities to take and/or repeat this assessment.

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