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ARE's Psychic and Intuitive Readers

Sylvia Chappell

Intuitive Tarot

Ph 347-564-5600

Lubaina Choudhury

Astrology, Shamanic Readings

Ph 212-691-7690

Kev O'Kane

Mediumship/Psychic Readings

Ph 212-691-7690

Calise Simone

Psychic Medium

Ph 707-722-5473

Irma StarspiritWoman

Shamanic Fire Candle & Crystal Readings

Ph 718-396-4246

  • Catherine O.
    Intuitive Healings, Angel Card Readings
    From her 17-year study of many healing modalities—including: Traditional Usui Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Modern Shamanism, Sacred Sound Healing—Catherine has
  • Karen Frances
    Spiritual Healer and Medium
    An international accredited medium and spiritual healer, KAREN FRANCES, grew up steeped in the Celtic mysticism and spiritual traditions of Ireland. As a child, she commun
  • Karen Rose Slember
    Evidential Spiritual Medium
    Internationally Acclaimed Medium and Psychic, Karen Rose Slember, an Evidential Spiritual Medium, combines over 30 years of experience working for Spirit, with her profess
  • Kev O'Kane
    Past-Life Regression (PLR) Mediumship/Psychic Readings
    Kev O’Kane is a highly trained hypnotist and a spiritual seeker and Cayce follower who serves his Maker by serving humanity! Kev is a highly res
  • Melissa Stamps
    Transforming The Energy Matrix & Psychic Readings  
    Melissa Waite Stamps teaches courses in Psychic Development, Mediumship, the Goddess Mystery, Feng Shui and Space Clearing at the A.R.E. of NY Edga
  • Omar Kahn
    Psychic Medium
    Omar is a highly regarded International Psychic Medium from Australia. Gifted from a very young age, the calling to help people lead Omar to leave a cogent career working worldwide wit
  • Sylvia Chappell
    Akashic Records Readings & Past Life Regression; Intuitive Tarot Readings & Courses
    Sylvia Chappell is a gifted communicator who recently left a very successful career as an advertising writer to p
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