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“To manifest the love of God in service to humanity.”

Midtown Manhattan, N.Y.C
241 West 30th Street (West of 7th Ave)

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Energy Medicine: Restoring the Light Body with Ellen Selover & Denise Furgason


August 11, 2013 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

ARE Center @ 241 W 30th St #102, New York, NY 10001, USA

Energy Medicine: Restoring the Light Body with Ellen Selover & Denise Furgason

An empowering system for self-help and a powerful tool for health care practitioners.

This hands-on workshop is for everyone . . . Energy Medicine is your birthright! YOU are an amazing latticework of light, vibration, and color…an “energy being”.  The harmony and balance of your energy systems affect the way you feel, think, and live; though you may be unaware of this dynamic aspect of yourself.  Now, you can discover how to actively partner with your own energy for the benefit of your health and well-being.

This workshop combines insights from the Edgar Cayce Readings with energy techniques from contemporary healer and educator, Donna Eden. This blending provides simple tools to balance body, mind, and spirit and is a compliment to other methods you may already practice.

In this program, you will:

  • Learn easy assessment techniques to measure your energy flow
  • Discover simple ways to relieve stress in the mind and body
  • Experience a dynamic Chakra balancing that blends Eden and Cayce techniques
  • Release and transform limiting emotions
  • Open the energy pathways to experience joy.

Join us for a fun, informative, and transformative day!

Non-Members $65, Members $50  (discount applied at checkout)

Private Sessions of Eden Energy Medicine available Monday, August 12:
Energy balancing harmonizes the body’s subtle energies which support health, vitality, and positive emotions. Each session is personalized for the individual client, and may include balancing energy systems such as the aura, chakras, meridians, Strange Flows, and the Five Elements. $100 per hour. Book early—limited sessions available! Contact Ellen at 757-377-1026 or at energyways1@aol.com.

Anniversary Weekend September 21 Program

2pm to 2:25pm
Jack Rosen

Search for God, Saturday Morning Accelerated Group

Topic: Cooperation

The first lesson in A Search for God  Book One is Cooperation. Edgar Cayce refused to move onto other topics until he felt the entire group had learned that lesson. This center would never have had the rebirth that it did three years ago without the same thing. This is the opening quote in the chapter on Cooperation:  "Finally be ye of one mind, having compassion one of another; love as brethren ."  I Peter 3:8


2pm to 2:25pm
Catherine Outeiral

Sunday Prosperity & Abundance Support Group Facilitator

Topic: You Can Heal Your Life through the Power of the Fruits of the Spirit

Catherine will speak about her miraculous healing from Severe GADD Disorder through the Edgar Cayce Readings, and how you too can transform through the power of the Fruits of the Spirit. Heal your health, your lack conciousness, and more--by working with the Edgar Cayce readings and the Fruits of the Spirit!




2:50pm to 3:15pm

Charles Julian

Sunday Awakenings Facilitator
Topic: "Angels Are Waiting For You!"
I call in angels all the time in my Sunday Inspirations group. Many feel their presence. Let me help you feel their presence too.


3:15pm to 3:40pm
Norman Curtis

Monday Search for God and Thursday Prayers for Healing Facilitator
Topic: Prayers for Healing and Search For God
Longtime Member, Norman Curtis will speak about the two groups he currently facilitates, Monday Night's "Search for God Group" and Thursday Night's "Prayers for Healing Group."


3:40pm to 4:05pm
Dr. Elyse Curtis Ph.D.

Creator/Facilitator of the Wednesday Bible Study/Cayce Forum & Saturday Revelation Study Groups at ARE of NY
Topic: The Edgar Cayce Legacy in Rhyme

Dr. Curtis will speak about the Edgar Cayce Legacy in poetic form and invite the audience to participate in scenes from Soul Quest The Legacy  including "Back to the Beginning"  which  includes “Atlantis, Gem of the Ocean” and “Ra-Ra- Ra-Ta-Ta”  about  the  Atlantean and Egypt periods..