"In March of 2012 at the A.R.E. of NY, I was able to hug Charles Thomas Cayce and thank him for the words of his grandfather—because I believe they saved my life."
Catherine Outeiral, in the July – Sept issue of The Open Door


Dear Friend,

sweet-16-cakeWhen members of the A.R.E. NY Board approached Maureen St. Germain about helping us with development and fundraising, Maureen consulted with Spirit before deciding. A noted psychic and Akashic Records reader, Maureen also has a background in non-profit development. But she wasn’t willing to put her energy into this work unless it was in accord with Divine Will. She “tuned in” and her guidance told her it would be for the highest good for the A.R.E. of NY Center to remain open and thriving in New York. And earlier this year, when we sent Maureen her Membership renewal, spirit told her to renew for 3 years!

We were pleased by that result but not surprised. Our Board members and other supporters have put so much of our personal time and personal funds into maintaining the Center because we passionately believe it is important to have an A.R.E. Center here in the “capital of the world.” But the economic climate of these past few years has made keeping our nonprofit Center afloat more challenging. We need your help.

In July we started a “Sweet 16” Fundraiser in honor of the Center’s 16th Anniversary. We’ve now extended the deadline for contributing to that fund. Give a tax deductible donation of $100 or more by December 31st, 2013 and you will receive your choice of the wonderful free services we are offering to show our thanks – many of these services donated in support of the Center by dedicated Members and practitioners.

But why is the Cayce work important? And why does it matter whether we have a Center here in New York City?

"When I moved to NYC, a copy of Venture Inward arrived unbidden in my new mailbox. I became an instant member. At this time I was tasting everything spiritual, and landed in with the Rudolf Steiner community… When I discovered A.R.E. in NYC, I left the intellectual Steiner behind, because Cayce had heart as well as spirit, which I hadn't felt elsewhere on my path, and his readings helped me understand WHY I was in the universe and how to live in it...and I felt safe and cozy and somehow closer to God just being there." — Caro
l Schneider

Where else in New York City can you get a Cayce Remedy Consult and a castor oil pack, receive a healing from an amazing Spiritual Healer and be adjusted by a chiropractor whose work is informed by the Cayce readings?

"Dr. Keller’s sharp perception about my adjustment needs… is complemented with articulate explanations, progress updates and forthcoming treatments. My ability to carry out simple daily physical tasks with more ease and less pain within one month has been surprising… I am less easily fatigued, tense, and irritable. Dr. Keller creates a patient-friendly, holistic healing atmosphere through his compassion, sense of humor, and skill at respectfully addressing cultural issues, all integral to my overall chiropractic care. I am so grateful and blessed to have walked into his office."
Manju Pradhan

Where else in New York can you attend a Search for God group, enjoy a course that helps you to develop your intuitive faculties, learn to meditate in a free meditation study group, become a Reiki Master and attend wonderful workshops on sound healing, working with angels, exploring past lives and more all in one place and in the company of like-minded friends?

"About 22 years ago I started on the path that led to Edgar Cayce. I didn’t realize it, but I was seeking the ‘missing’ part of myself—intuitive abilities that had been shut down when I was a child… Soon after joining a Search for God study group and participating in A.R.E./N.Y.C. events, I had a dream where Edgar Cayce told me, ‘I’ve been waiting for you.’ [I began] volunteering with events… My volunteer work brought me treasured friendships with wonderful teachers who helped me develop my soul gifts, a process that continues to this day as I learn new modalities of intuitive guidance and healing.."
Sylvia Chappell


Transformed lives have always been one of the gifts of the Cayce material.  Healing has taken place at our Center on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It may be subtle and gradual or dramatic and magical.


"The A.R.E. of NYC has made it possible for me to attend and facilitate Small Groups for quite a number of years. Meditating regularly with groups has made me more and more aware of the Divine Energy that can be experienced. The group magnifies this energy, and ‘laying on of hands’ in the Prayers for Healing group expands it even more. Others have spoken about how they felt the energy when they just enter the room. This experience has become a part of my life and is priceless."
Norman Curtis


"My entire life changed in a matter of three months after walking into the A.R.E of NYC… Without the A.R.E., I would not have known that I am connected to others and the universe, that I am loved by spirit and that I can co-create my life. All is well in life and I can handle this beautiful life I am blessed to be living."
Shirley Jusino


"…At least once or twice a month, someone stops in at the Center or emails me that they are thinking of committing suicide. I recently was able to stop someone from doing this by speaking first to them of Edgar Cayce's Borderland… This person is now coming regularly to the Center.  I also believe she is getting some outside emotional help now as well. Simply because someone was there to listen to her and really be there for her."
Catherine Outeiral


The Cayce readings tell us that a time is to come when that uplifted consciousness the Cayce Source called the Christ Consciousness is “to rule the earth.” We believe that we all have a role to play, if we accept it, in birthing that new consciousness on our planet. And we believe it is very important that our New York Edgar Cayce Center be here to assist in that birth.

It isn’t official yet, but after years of hoping and praying for a movie biography of Edgar Cayce’s life, we’ve learned from the national A.R.E. that a major Cayce movie is closer than ever before. Work on it could begin soon. Interest in Edgar Cayce and his ongoing work is likely to skyrocket. What a shame it would be if our A.R.E. of New York Center were to close just before that happened! We must keep our Center alive and well!

"There should be an A.R.E. Center in NYC because the city is a magnet for people all over the world.  It is outstanding in most areas of human endeavor. When people abroad think of Edgar Cayce they think of the United States and when they come here, a visit to NYC is one of their priorities. The A.R.E. most emphatically should have a presence here where people come for inspiration in so many ways."
Norman Curtis

We are asking every Center Member and friend to help us. Please contribute whatever you feel you can afford now, and keep the Center in your prayers in the coming months. Working together as a Community, we can keep our Center alive—AND make it a better and better expression of the Creative Forces in our City.
Please download and print out this Response Form to return your donation and choose the gift service you would like to receive in thanks. Or you can donate now below. Any contribution of any size will help! And please email us if you are interested in volunteering or serving on our Board.

We are so grateful for your support!

The A.R.E. of New York Board of Trustees,  


P.S. Call or e-mail us if you need a calendar of our upcoming programs, including special holiday events. And remember, contribute by December 31st to receive your choice of gift service! Thank you.

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