A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center
“To manifest the love of God in service to humanity.”

Midtown Manhattan, N.Y.C
241 West 30th Street (West of 7th Ave)

Open: Mon & Thurs 1-9pm, Tues, Wed & Fri 3-9pm,
Sat 12-5pm & Sun 11am-5pm (Closed holidays) 

Mar-Apr Calendar & Open Door Newsletter

2013Mar-Apr-ARECalendarDownload the Calendar now by going to "EVENTS" in the pull-down menu (above, left) and click on "DOWNLOAD ARE EVENT CALENDAR" then on "MARCH-APRIL." Due to computer issues, the mailing of our paper calendar has been delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please share your copy with friends via email. Stop by the Center for printed copies, and if you know someone who isn't online and needs one, please take an extra to share.

Thanks to our Center’s “Guiding Light” Lynne Miceli who wrote/edited the entire issue. Please download our first 2013 issue and read it now, email it to friends, or print it out for those who don’t get email. 

Sneak Previews

2014: May 17 & 18
Learn How to Read Your Akashic Records

Maureen st. Germain maureenstgermain.com

2014: MAY 24, JUNE 28, July 20,
August 23, September 20, October 11,
November 8, December 13

Psychic & Healing Fairs

2014: May 30 & June 3
Transformational Group Healings with Anna

Anna Laskowska


2014: june 7-11, aug 30-sept 3, nov 8-12
Spiritual Healing Sessions
Malcolm Smith

2014: June 7
Be a Genie

Maureen st. Germain

2014: June 13-24
11 Special Events with

Douglas James Cottrell