thanksgiving basketPlease note: the Center will be closed Thursday through Sunday, except for Peter Goldbeck’s Pillars of Transformation on Saturday. Our weekly Prayers for Healing, Revelations, Science of Light and Prosperity Groups will NOT meet during this time (Dream Group, contact facilitator Paul Dorogoff for update).

May your Thanksgiving celebration overflow with joy, love, peace, prosperity… and gratitude for even more to come!

Your opportunity to make a difference in the world.

tree light crpWhen we were planning, praying and working to open our A.R.E. of NY Edgar Cayce Center, we felt a powerful sense of urgency. Our guidance told us the days to come would call for a spiritual Center founded on the Edgar Cayce principles in our City—a safe place to find fellowship, learn, be healed and evolve in consciousness—a sacred space. Our whole Community felt this need and came together to create our Center.

The dramatic events we’ve all experienced since the Center opened in 1997—September 11th, the Great Recession, environmental crises, wars and more—have shown our guidance was correct. Our Center is a spiritual home and support for many. Lives are transformed by the Work that goes forward here.

We believe “the Creative Forces” worked through us in creating this Center—and work through our Center today—through our Spiritual Growth groups, gifted healing and intuitive practitioners and the enlightening courses, workshops and events we offer.

We believe this Work needs not just to thrive, but to expand—to reach more seekers and help raise the consciousness of our City and our World.

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Betty DeCandiaWe welcome Betty to the ARE-NY Board of Trustees, where she will also fill in the open Treasurer position. She brings to us a wealth of experience in administration, financial and human resources. Working as a corporate controller with the same organization for almost 34 years, she is knowledgeable about the inner operations of a large organization and the challenges facing business today.

She is also a 2005 graduate of The Institute for Integrated Nutrition, and runs a part-time practice as a Holistic Healthcare Counselor. In the past, she served as a Suffolk County Weston A Price chapter leader, and on the board for the Farm to Consumer Legal Fund from 2010-2012.

A King's Park, Long Island resident, Betty is married with two children, three step children and three grandchildren she loves spending time with. She and her husband own a small used car dealership that specializes in first-time car buyers.

Her spiritual awakening occurred at times of personal challenges, when she found the need to seek deeper meaning. She's been working with the Cayce materials and coming to events and sessions at the NYC Center for several years. Through her seeking, she has learned to “let go” and let the Universe show her what’s next. 

Like many of us, she feels that Edgar Cayce was a man ahead of his time. Her goal for the ARE of NY is to provide a place where people can grow and learn, and to be part of a group of like-minded individuals.

Betty adds: "I have many hobbies and interests, as I have a natural curiosity about life, and love learning about new things. I love to meditate, cook and read—especially about nutrition, alternative and energy medicine, spirituality and yoga. I try to embrace life and all it has to offer."

ARE NYC logoTo be buzzed in to our Center from the street, press 'A' then 'CALL' or just 100. Once the intercom rings upstairs, we can buzz you in. Remember, the Center is open Mon-Fri 1-9 pm, Sat-Sun 12-5 pm. At other times, your Wellness Practitioner, event or group facilitator will have to buzz you in. Thank you!

miranda anthony 2014We’re pleased to announce that Anthony Perez has accepted the position of interim Volunteer Coordinator, stepping into the position previously held by Volunteer Coordinator and Bookstore Manager Miranda Rose Gold, who stepped back to focus more on her health.

Anthony has distinguished himself in his role as Reception Volunteer over the past two years, and has admirably performed additional responsibilities he took on in August, providing support for Events, Rentals and other Operations. On countless occasions, he has stepped in to make things at the Center run smoothly and efficiently.

Please join me in congratulating Anthony on his new position, and in supporting him in this vital role. Fortunately, Miranda will continue to serve as a Reception Volunteer and as a cherished part of the Cayce Center family. Thank you both for all of your contributions – past, present and future – to making our Center such a wonderful place to be! Want to join our esteemed volunteer team? Contact Anthony at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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