The congratulations and compliments poured in last weekend as we celebrated the Grand Opening of the A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center’s new home on West 27th Street!
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The weekend’s historic opening featured fascinating presentations by consummate Cayce researchers Sidney & Nancy Kirkpatrick about the remarkable relevance of his work today as the information and insights they shared propel us into a new understanding of human consciousness and its potential to create a heaven on earth.
201609 GO workshop04 crpThe Kirkpatricks shared treasures from the vault about the life and readings of “the Sleeping Prophet,” “the Father of Holistic Medicine” and “the Miracle Man from Virginia Beach” in two presentations: From Kentucky Farm Boy to Great American Mystic, and Edgar Cayce: Ushering in the New Consciousness. And at Friday night’s Golden Heart Reception, they entertained our generous donors, staff and volunteers with examples of humor from the Cayce readings.
201609 GO goldenheart02On Saturday evening, we celebrated the dedicated volunteers who have made it possible for there to be an Edgar Cayce Center to enlighten NYC for the past 19 years, and now, for us to manifest this wonderful new home in the heart of NYC!

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Photos by Nya Fleron

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We were joined by founding Center Director Lynne Miceli and her husband Peter now living in Norfolk, Va. They write:

It was wonderful sharing this past weekend with our New York Community, celebrating the Grand Opening of the new Center, seeing old friends and making new ones. We've now witnessed the openings of three A.R.E. of New York Centers.This is, by far, the most attractive one. May it be a home for enlightenment for a growing community of seekers! Congratulations to the whole Community for manifesting this lovely new space!

201609 GO goldenheart03
From Sidney & Nancy Kirkpatrick:

201609 GO goldenheart04“We could feel the spirit of joy and fellowship as we joined our greater Cayce family to celebrate the 19th Anniversary of the New York A.R.E. Center and the grand opening of its new space on 27th Street. From the intimate Friday night Golden Heart donor reception, to the anticipation and excitement of the ribbon-cutting on Saturday, and the final parting hugs on Sunday night, all who participated knew that this was a momentous occasion, and that through the door that was collectively opened would pass those who would carry Cayce’s work long into the future.

201609 GO workshop03Among the participants was special guest Robert Schor, recipient of a Cayce reading in 1944, who, with a sparkle in his eye, expressed his admiration for the New York team when he said: ‘How very far we have come!’ We salute Sylvia Chappell for her steadfast support, Lynne Salomon Miceli, for her decades-long selfless dedication to building the New York community, and all of those who join hands and hearts to continue to carry the spirit of the Cayce work into the world.”

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We are so grateful to Sidney and Nancy, Lynne and Peter, our superb staff and volunteers, and to our community… your prayers, talents, energies, visions and contributions made this possible!

sylvia chappell crp lowresSo many people in our community and beyond reached out to us after the bombing in our Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan last Saturday night. The explosion on 23rd St. happened four blocks away from our new Center, yet an unexploded bomb was found on the same block of 27th St. between 6th & 7th Avenues as our new Center.

We feel so blessed that this one didn’t go off. We also wondered why.

On Saturday, we held the first Cayce Psychic & Healing Fair in our new Center. Many people commented on the wonderful, uplifting vibes in our new space. After the Fair, “Light Guy” Peter Goldbeck, a favorite teacher at our Center, was holding his Prophecy Celebration at the time of the explosion. During these events, he shares “The Light” of Divine Prophetic Visions and Insights… what he calls “Joy Juice.” Perhaps the energies of Light and Joy in our Center had a benevolent influence on our block.

As an Akashic Records reader and leader of this Center, I asked the Akashic Record keepers (beings of Light who hold the records of each soul’s every thought, word, action and emotion) for insights into this incident. They said that the “Light work” of our organization is powerfully supported by Ascended Masters and the Edgar Cayce soul group in the spiritual realms. They added that all NYC “Light workers” (ours and similar organizations) have a very important role in the evolution of human consciousness and the enlightenment of individual minds, hearts and bodies that makes this evolutionary leap (Ascension) possible.

Please keep our Center of enlightenment and our community of “Light workers” in your prayers.

Love & Thanks,
Sylvia Chappell
ARE-NY Board of Trustees Chair

Since we signed the lease on 153 W. 27th St., #702, at the end of June, we’ve been busy transforming it into our new home. Over the past 2-3 weeks, much has been accomplished, thanks to our incredibly dedicated staff and volunteers. Yet there are still challenges in getting everything transferred, particularly internet and phone service. So our new Center is not yet open...

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We plan to have most of our operations up and running in our new space by Friday, Sept. 9, to get ready for teachers and workshops who were booked for this weekend long before we knew this would be our moving week. So far, we’ve been able to move with minimal disruption to Center activities, some of which will continue in our current 30th St. space through the end of September.

This is why we’ve encouraged early registration for workshops and classes—the number of participants will determine where it will take place!

Please help us by pre-registering as early as possible, and by calling at least 24 hours before your event to confirm its location.

Scheduled for our new location at 153 W. 27th Street:
FRI-SAT: Dr. Linda Backman’s workshops on Immortal Consciousness and Soul Awareness
SUN: Laura Aversano's workshop on Tracking the Origins of An Illness

Scheduled for our current location at 241 W. 30th Street:
FRI: Anton Baraschi’s Ancient Egyptian Healing
SAT: Group Psychic Readings and all Spiritual Growth Groups

If you are interested in taking Intuitive Tarot with Sylvia Chappell on Sundays, Sept. 11 & 18, 1-6:30 pm, please pre-register at least 24 hours in advance. A minimum enrollment is required for the course to proceed.

Other events are still TBD.

OpenDoorNewsletter Jul Sept2016This is it! We’re making the leap to our new space! Read about it in the new issue of The Open Door, quarterly newsletter of the A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center.

This issue is packed with helpful, healthful articles! Besides the joys, challenges and spiritual growth opportunities involved in finding our new space and making our evolutionary leap, you’ll also read about:

Read about:

  • The healing power of Wild Oregano Oil—not just for Italian cooking anymore!
  • The Christ Consciousness—What is it? How do you attain it?
  • Helping your Indigo Child to thrive.
  • Chakra Frequencies and the Divine Name: The healing Power of Breath and Tone
  • And so much more!

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Would you like to write for The Open Door? Send your article ideas to me at [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]. We also welcome submissions of original poetry, photography and artwork.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

New Center Grand Opening!

2016Sep Oct ARECalendarRegister now for special Sept. 24 & 25 programs
by Cayce biographers Sidney & Nancy Kirkpatrick

Download the calendar now for full details of our September move to our wonderful new Center on West 27th St., our Grand Open House Week of free workshops nightly from Sept. 26-Oct. 1, and many more enlightening events! Space is limited, a full house is expected.

All events are already posted on our website and on our events app. Register early to reserve your space! To receive a printed calendar, call (212) 691-7690 or send your postal address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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