sky daffodils sunshinePeter Goldbeck's Pillars of Transformation Workshop May 23 WILL HAPPEN as scheduled.
-Workshops with Jack Rosen on the Cayce Remedies and Inoshi's QiGong Fusion are canceled.
-Saturday's and Monday's Search for God Study Groups are canceled.
-Dr. Elyse Curtis's Revelations and Science of Light events WILL HAPPEN Saturday night.
-For Sunday,  Sunday Inspirations, Prosperity Support and the Miracles Group have been canceled. Please check with Facilitator Paul Dorogoff for the latest word about the Dream Group.
-Wellness practitioner appointments and rentals will take place as scheduled–contact them directly for information.

We apologize for any confusion due to the late notice received about this Memorial Weekend closing and the resulting ancelation of events listed in our April-June Calendar.

book keeper wantedFor the ARE-NY Edgar Cayce Center
By Maureen St. Germain, Treasurer

It is with great sadness for us, and great happiness for Karen Bukholt, that I announce that she is leaving the Edgar Cayce Center to pursue her dream of becoming a licensed dietitian. She’s going to be going to school and will need more time to pursue this degree.

We have been most fortunate to have such a wonderfully talented bookkeeper to help us with our accounting. Also – this year, for the first time, we “passed our audit” on the first submission with ARE Virginia Beach. This was a big deal, and thanks to Karen’s diligence, this was done. Thank you, Karen, for your awesome service. You will be greatly missed.

We need a new bookkeeper starting in June. Karen’s given us plenty of notice so that we can get her replacement trained before she leaves. Now, it’s time for you to help us find our next wonderful staffer!

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butterfly blue transformationThe Board of Trustees of the A.R.E. of New York is the group of volunteers responsible for governing our non-profit organization in accordance with its bylaws and procedures, NY state law and, of course, Edgar Cayce principles.

Usually, Boards work quietly on long-range, big-picture goals such as our current initiative to "Create the Center of Our Dreams." Over the past few months, we’ve been dealing with some special challenges that we are pleased to say are finally being resolved.

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Just by doing things you do anyway—shopping online & searching the Net, you can help A.R.E. of NY Create the Center of Our Dreams. (See our fundraising goals here)

goodshopUse shopping portal to reach your favorite retailers and help the A.R.E. of NY Edgar Cayce Center to grow! Participating stores donate up to 20% of what you spend online. Includes 5,000+ major retailers!. Save money too, using Goodshop’s coupons on items ranging from books from Amazon and shoes from Kohl's to dishes from Macy's.

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OpenDoor Apr Jun2015This long-awaited Spring brings the latest issue of The Open Door, quarterly newsletter of the A.R.E. of New York Community!

Read about:

  • Our Spring Special Membership offer: A valuable discount benefit and a great opportunity—only for the month of April!
  • Iodine: Why you can’t live without it. How to know if you’re getting enough.
  • Creating Our Dream fundraising update & an exciting benefit event: Waking Up in 5D.
  • A past-life memory: Becoming a priestess in ancient Greece.
  • You can give to your favorite cause painlessly--just by surfing the Net or shopping online!
  • And more!
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